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Ubiquity Unifi systems all work together to make a really high quality video surveillance system.

DIY Easy to install Camera systems, wiring is easy to resolve with wireless access points. UniFi provides scalable sophisticated approach to video surveillance, these products are top notch. Offering POE (Power Over Ethernet) solutions. With POE you have the capability to get power through the network wiring that save you when you have no eletric outlets to plug into.

This is a great answer for small to mid sized businesses to choose the camera you need and add it with the mobile software app to control it and watch over your properties from anywhere in the world with a mobile phone and an internet connection. The app is free and it has a great dashboard that you acess on your mobile phone. What I like most about the Ubiquity system is scalability, cost and availability. Easy to add cameras when you want to. You can go to their website or go to Amazon.com and order it.

It can be delivered from amazon next day and set up as soon as you plug it in and download the app. Yes it is that easy to get up and running. Ubiquty also offers all the accessories to needed to create your network of security cameras surveillance with fast delivery and low prices. Cameras range in sizes and pixels none of them are 1080p and the picture quality is really great, you can make a positive identification with these cameras and you can view live or recorded footage to determine the actual event and the start and finish time of the recorded events.

REOLink Cameras, wireless, solar powered cameras that you can access from your mobile phone app or on your PC's and tablets. Reolink software sends you an email when there is movement detected. These cameras can recharge themselves with the solar panels or you can recharge the batteries. They connect to your WiFi so you can access them from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

DIY Easy to install Camera systems, no wiring to do to get these up and running simply install the battery turn on the camera and go download the software on your mobile phone. Once the app is installed you can scan the code on the back of the camera and follow the instructions on the app to finish the set-up.

The Argus 2; No wires and they can be used indoors or outdoors. Here is our REOLnk camera on the side of the house with the solar panel.Reolink cameras

The Argus 2 is only $89.99 Wow! This is powerful! The app on your phone lets you talk through the built in microphone and speakers. If you are watching the cameras you can talk to your visitors and they can answer you.

You can also review footage and hear the audio that is recorded while the camera is filming events that trigger the camera into motion and action. The recordings are high quality at 1080p. The cameras and accessories are available on Amazon too or on their website, use the link above to get there, to see more about them or to purchase. There are more cameras and accessories from REOLINK that go with this, it is scalable and affordable, add cameras anytime you want and have more locations to secure your properties. There are cute cameras and portable cameras to take with you and set up to watch you, your loved ones and their surroundings. The Keen is a portable camera that works on batteries and has WiFi very nice for travelling, or use it as a personal recording device.

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