Vol 2 April 2018

Custom Camera Systems for your Home and Business

Video Surveillance Cameras security cameraseare getting very popular. They can make all the difference in the world, when it comes to fact finding. Always have an accurate recording of incidents, and events. The camera doesn't have any biases or opinions when recalling events. The camera let's you see what happened.

PC Fusion offers Custom Camera Systems that you can access from anywhere on any device with an internet or wifi connection. The cameras are accessed by an ip adress and requires a username and password. Home and Business camera surveillance systems created to enhance and extend your automation capabilities. We recommend and offer more options than any other system on the market.

Get your Home or Business Network Set-up, with a private surveillance system on your network. We offer custom built camera configurations (what YOU want), install it and make it fully FUNCTIONAL and UNDERSTANDABLE for you to use on your own. Our support and maintenance services are also customizable and extendable, we work with you to help keep your cameras tuned in and fully capable to use as evidence in cases of crimes or accidents or any circumstances where video footage is recorded and can be shared for any reason. The recorded video surveillance can be set up to watch anything you want! So you can have some fun with these cameras make a movie from your footage.

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Great for a new take on home movies you can use the footage to make your home videos more interesting and fun! Kids will love this and they can use these capabilities for many of their ideas and creativity. Technology is power and we can use it in so many ways to make our lives better! When PC Fusion installs video camera systems, it is completely private, and only you can access your video footage.

Other systems monitor you and offer more services than you may want or need. PC Fusion doesn't do that; we offer service and support to help you recover footage as needed, we can help with no monthly fees or commitments you get with a regular surveillance services, instead we react to your request for service and charge an hourly rate for labor and add the costs of parts. Need help installing a system that you purchased? Or need help fixing or adding on to an existing system? We can help with that or make recommendations on a better course of action. Maybe you have a small problem with your cameras and just need help to solve it, we can help you out without costing you alot of money or taking too much time. We are interested in making your experience with Technology a fun and rewarding one.

Wired VS Wireless: that is the question.

Wired systems are more reliable and have less interference, less equipment and get a better signal. Having a better signal can make a difference in video quality and reception when the camera is set to record when motion is detected in the range of the camera that triggers the camera to record. Setting a camera up like this saves alot of time and cyber space, thus the camera only records when the sensor detects motion. Infrared cameras can record footage during the day or night and adjust to the available light.

Most cameras you buy have infrared built in.

In a wired configuration there are many advantages that are worth considering.

  • Wireless doesn't mean no wires! Wireless cameras require recharging the batteries or a power outlet to plug into!
  • Wireless cameras require power and all cameras need alot of power to run all the time and provide infrared for night vision.
  • Wired cameras can get their power over the ethernet wires with POE built in, this only requires 1 wire and less equipment overall.

Don't worry if you have purchased a system already, we don't mind helping with anything for your home or business. Just email me with your questions and we will help you. Click on our logo to send us an email.



Vol 2 April 2018 (continued)

Custom Camera Systems for your Home and Business

We love to hear about the tech you are into and help you with the details, and get the results you are looking for, in the items you have and the ones you are considering.

Setting up and accessing your surveillance cameras can be more complicated than you originally think, and depending on the type of system you choose you may have to upgrade your internet service or install computer network wiring, (usually CAT5 or CAT 6) or add a router, we recommend the Google Home WIFI that is great covering 45,000 square feet. security Google Home WIFI router.

Accessing your footage apps and easy to install, from any smart phone operating system or desktop computer operating systems.Blue Iris Software Is our favorite software to access the cameras and scroll through the surveillance video. You can select and save the portions of footage you want to save. Watch your deliveries, protect your property and family, be aware of what is going remotely. Camera and video image quality varies vastly from product to product. Protect your property. Motion Activated. Infrared Night Vision. Watch your home or office remotely.
PC Fusion installs IP camera systems that are accessed through a secure internet connection that can be accessed from any device, and anywhere in the world that you can get an internet signal. We currently have been testing out new cameras that have license plate quality footage, that you can zoom in and see critical details, needed to identify subjects and read license plates.

Blue Iris software is our favorite software to control and interface with cameras onsite and from remote locations with a secure internet connection, that simply means that you go to an IP address, log in and access your cameras with the Blue Iris with this interface installed you can control your cameras, view live or recorded footage. Make and save videos so you can use them for making a video clip or a picture from your recorded footage.Blue Iris View your live streaming video, with a high quality resolution and get footage from anywhere, from any device with Blue Iris. Feel confident and secure with a reliable software and support from Blue Iris.

networkingProtect yourselves with real proof!

  • Install cameras trained on your Front and Back Doors of your home, business or rental units.
  • Install cameras that watch your yard, gardens and children's play areas.
  • Install a camera or cameras that watch your cars and garage.
  • Video Camera Surveillance is used for proving your cases, after a damaging event, accident or crime.

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PC Fusion offers Secure Reliable On and Off-site Server Backup, routine and disaster recovery and data protection services. Your business is personal, your data is critical, you are in control when your systems are secure.

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PC Fusion provides on-site configuration and Setup services in Milwaukee WI, and Denver CO. We offer VM Ware Solutions, Remote Cloud Storage Services, Automated Server File and Database Backups, system configuration, implementation, and maintainance

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IP Surveillance Systems

Benefits: Equipment cost Savings
Monitoring and Surveillance cost savings
Camera equipment set up to suit your specific needs
Unlimited Scalability, add as many cameras as you want
Go beyond the restrictions of the analog systems packages and equipment bundles
Network Camera Systems require less equipment than DVR Systems

Security Camera Systems

Benefits: 24/7 Remote Surveillance footage
IP digital cameras with the best image quality
Crisp video that is capable of showing important event details
View Realtime or review recorded footage
Recorded events can be used to identify suspects recorded video is used as evidence
Guard your property and prove your case when disaster happens

Home Security IP Camera Surveillence
Home Security IP Camera Surveillence
Business Security IP Camera Surveillence
Business Security IP Camera Surveillence


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Surround yourself with Tech in every aspect of your life. PC Fusion can offer the best products and services to keep you ahead of the game. Access your doors, surveillance cameras, and household appliances. Gain more control over your time and enjoy the luxury that is available today. We can offer the most cost effective solutions.

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